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Unlocking the 5 Upper East Side must do’s.

Planning a visit to the Upper East Side of Manhattan? Here are 5 great idea’s for a rainy day…or, a sunny day, or any day!  

  1. Museums–   You can’t miss in this catagory. There are a couple of really spectaular museums on the Upper East Side. First and foremost,  there is the Metropolitan Museum or Art. With some of the most spectacular paintings and sculptures in the world, The Met is a must see.  Next, I would recommend The Guggenheim Museum. Again, world renouned Art, second to none. Then there is also a new Museum of African Art that is located in the new Robert A.M. Stern building at 1280 Fifth Avenue. 
  2. Restaurants– Some very fine restaurants also reside on the Upper East Side.  P.J Clarks, Le Cirque, Osso Buco, Sfoglia (92nd and Lex)Quatorze, Sarafina, Spigalo, Sushi of Gari to name a few. Why not pick one and have a terrific meal. However, if you are not looking for fine dining, but for some spectacular dessert, then you really must visit Serendipity’s ice cream Parlor for some truly spectacular dessert!
  3. Shopping– Has any one heard of Madison Avenue? Fifth Avenue?  Well, The East Side is host to some of the most spectacular shopping in the world as well.  If your looking for jewlery, you must try Tiffany’s, Bulgari or Cartier’s.  For toys- FAO Swartz, for Leather goods- Coach is the place, and for sporting goods, you might give Nike a try.  Of coures there is also Gucci, Prada, Sergio Ferragamo  and Armani to name a few.
  4. Visit Central Park– One can’t go wrong in Central Park. There, you can go ice skating, ride a bicycle, fly a kite, take a run around the resevior, or go for a boat ride.  Many folks also like to play volley ball, ride the merry-go-round or visit the Central Park Zoo.  And if that’s not enough, you can see Shakespere in the Park, watch a concert or simply relax in Sheeps Meadow.
  5. Buy a Home– there are of course many spectacular homes on the Upper East Side.  Some of the more prominant Condominiums are The Plaza,  Trump Palace, 1280 Fifth Avenue, The Brompton, The Empire, The Laurel, and Trump Park Avenue. Of course, with all of the amazing Condominiums available, there is really only one Team to call when your ready to buy or sell- The Eric Janssen Team.

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