Rising to the clouds with class

Upper West Side Ariel East Luxury Condominium The Ariel condominium towers above the rest
Glass clad, and towering 37 stories into the sky, the Ariel condominium towers above all of the buildings in the area. Most of the other buildings in the area were built 100 years ago and are either 12-15 story prewar buildings or 5 story brownstones.
The views from this building are spectacular- especially considering that there are floor to ceiling windows from every apartment. Imagine standing in front of your windows, looking across the Hudson River at the sunset in the evening while sipping a glass of fine wine.  Not too bad- eh?
In a class by itself
Look at all that glass-Wow! This luxury condominium was built by Extell, on of New York city’s premire development companies with numerous prize condominiums like The Avery. The Rushmore and the new 90 Story tower going up on West 57th street called the Carnegie 57.  With so much success, it is no wonder that Extell is such a successfull developer.
Jazz on the Upper West Side at Smoke

Jazz Club Smoke

Near Columbia University on the Upper West Side
This Extell Project is located only about 10-15 blocks away from Columbia University. As such, there is plenty of fun stuff to do in the area.  First off, you are right in the middle between Central Park and Riverside Park. There are plenty of fine resturants in the area, and you can even stop by “Smoke” and listed to some Jazz in the evening.





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