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Prewar Luxury at The Ansonia

When Sheep lived at the Ansonia condominium

Prewar Luxury at The Ansonia
The Ansonia Condominium

The Sheep were baying at the Ansonia back in the Day

That right! Before the building became a condominium in recent times, and before it was an apartment building, this was a luxury hotel where many fancy artists and dignitaries used to live and or visit over the years.
And during those days, the were sheep and other livestock walking around on the roof providing milk and eggs and sometimes themselves for food for the guests.
That was many years ago, and now there are probably only a couple of sheep up there-just kidding, and the building has been a condominium for a number of years.  I believe it was converted around 1991 after a couple of years of fighting with the tenants over the conversion and having numerous holdover renters in the building after the change to condominium.
Back then, I remember going to the opening of the Ansonia condominium  sales office and seeing all of the model apartments at a grand party the sponsors held for the brokerage community.
 The apartments were,  and still are spectacular.  There are a number of apartments that have round living rooms and there are very high ceilings throughout the building.  If you ever get a chance to see the inside of the building, please check out the circular stairway. It is absolutely spectacular and reminds me of something you would find in France.  If you look up or down the staircase you will get the full effect.
Right next to The Ansonia there are 2 other very fine condominiums. The First is the Level Club, that was originally built as a Masonic lodge back in the day. The Second, is The Alexandria, which was built quite a bit more recently by the same developers as The Brompton on the East Side.

72nd street IRT subway

72nd Street 7th Avenue Subway

The Trump Organization then built a good portion of Riverside Boulevard  Trump Place buildings including Trump Place, and  The Trump Heritage condominium.  In order to get the permits to build this, massive complex, The Donald had to agree to build a second 72nd Street Subway, which you see to the left here. 
Since then, there have been a couple of other buildings that have gone up and the is now a Trader Joe’s a block away.
 The only thing that is missing is you!
  Do you want to live here??

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