Living at Time Warner in 2011

Luxury condo's at The Time Warner Center

Time Warner Condominiums

It doesnt get much better than the Time Warner condominiums in New York City.  That’s not to say that there aren’t some very close runner ups or one or two buildings that actually tie with this condominium, but it’s definitely tough to beat.
I remember when they were in the process of deciding what type of building to put up in the first place back in the day. There were at least 4-5 developers, if not more, who were vying for the opportunity to build these towers and the city had the decision making role in the process.
Numerous designs and architectual drawings were submitted and in the end,  the building you see here was the winner. Nice job!
If you have never had the opportunity to visit the Time Warner building, let along own an apartment in it, you are in  for a treat.  Located downstairs on the first 4 floors is an atruim facing Central Park with numerous high end  stores like Hugo Boss, Coach , Tourneau, and Godiva chocolates.  Downstairs is the ever delicious Whole Foods Market with wonderful aromas permeating the entire place.  Upstairs you have a select group of resturants that are world class like Avoce and Per se to mention a few.  There is an Equinox gym in the building and of course the condomimniums themselves have 24 hour doormen and concierge.

The Shops at the Time Warner Center

The Shops at Time Warner

Some of the most recent sales in the building are staggering. The most recent average asking price was $19,608,000 with a high of
$ 44,950,000 and a low of only $3,900,000.  Those numbers are amazing!   
It’s no wonder why such big names frequent and sometime buy at the Time Warner building. Names like Tom Brady, and Lebron James are thrown around all the time at The Time Warner Condominium.
If you have the money it’s not a bad place to live.  You have all of the services you could ever want. There are spectacular views of Central Park , and you are in the heart of the Upper West Side near Lincoln Center and a whole bevy of great shopping and dining.  In fact, right across the street at the Trump International Tower and Condominium, you have a 4 star resturant right in the lobby.
The world famous 15 Central Park West  is only a block away also.
So my question is, if you have the money, why wouldnt you want to live here too?

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