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Trump Tower condominium

Can the Giants Eli Manning pull off the upset one more time?

Trump Tower condominium

Trump Tower condominium Luxury new York Real Estate


Before we get in to this, why does Eli Manning live in New Jersey at  The Hudson Tea building condominium? Isn’t he a New York football star?
Ok, I get it that the New Met Life Stadium is in New Jersey and that he’s been playing there for years, but shouldn’t he be living at a place like Trump Tower or Time Warner Center  in Manhattan or something.  Even Tom Brady bought a place at Time Warner Center in New York City.

OK, so I’ve vented now. I feel better.

So, can Eli and the Giants offense beat the vaunted Greenbay Packers and Arron Rogers?  It’s not going to be easy. However, the Giants defense is cooking these days and looks great! I think the key to the game is getting Rogers out of his comfort zone and knock him down a couple times.  A lot of end around blitzes if you ask me.

We know that Eli can score-especially with Cruz coming into his own, so what we need is a total shutdown of the Packers by the Giants defense.

With Eli having a pro-bowl year, he stands a good chance of actually beating Greenbay this time.  The Giants almost took the last game when it game down to the final minutes. It was so close. I bet they can still taste it.  Hopefully that will motivate them to pull this one out!

Go Giants!




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