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Category Archives: The Ariel East

Rising to the clouds with class

 The Ariel condominium towers above the rest Glass clad, and towering 37 stories into the sky, the Ariel condominium towers above all of the buildings in the area. Most of the other buildings in the area were built 100 years ago and are either 12-15 story prewar buildings or 5 story brownstones. The views from this building […]

The opening of the Opus condominium

The Opus Condominium at 272 West 107th Street Back in the day when you sold a condo just from a floorplan In 2005 the market was hot and the buyers were even hotter. That’s not to say that all the buyers were models or something,  just that people couldn’t buy a home fast enough. Well, needless to say, […]

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